Wong calls Sukkar Shameful

Wong's Coverup is Shameful
Last night while the Q&A panel were addressing the topic of same-sex marriage, Senator Wong called Michael Sukkar MP ‘shameful’ for raising the concern of Safe Schools; the very tool proponents of same-sex marriage launched to usher in the social change they seek.

As Senator Wong addressed the Victorian 2014 Safe Schools Coalition First National Symposium to launch the social change program, she would know the connection between marriage and Safe Schools was made very clear by the'Yes' advocates.

A marketing slogan was used at the launch, ‘From little things, big things grow’ and the founder of the program Roz Ward then put Safe Schools in the context of the bigger global issue of ‘marriage equality.’ It was said this particular cultural change was too big for them right now. To quote Ward: ‘safe schools is an easier target and at a local level…globally it’s too big.’

This made clear to me, as an observer in the audience, that the end game of ‘Safe Schools’ was always so-called ‘marriage equality.’ And the method of achieving this was through many incremental cultural changes at the local level in schools. This is clearly using children as political activists to redefine words and their meanings to bring about the cultural change desired.

What is actually shameful is that Senator Wong is well aware of the activity in schools, and the connection of the school program to the marriage debate. It is shameful that she attempts to shame into silence the few politicians brave enough to represent the genuine concerns of parents about the broader consequences.


  • So deceptive! She knows full well the aim of the program. Kudos to Michael Sukkar for standing up to them.

    Jane baring
  • Safe schools is not safe. Kids are pushed to consider alternative sexual behaviours whether or not they want to.

    Katherine Fishley

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