Social Media or Socialist Media?

Mrs Y 'Tell me why does it have to be this way'

Due to safety concerns, the name of the subject of this article has been concealed. She will be referred to as Mrs Y. Having been a victim of socialist oppression in her country of birth, she asks ‘why are we seeing this here?’

Mrs Y came to Australia with her parents in 1983. Her parents were foundational leaders of the Polish political party Solidarity, which in the face of communism was formed to fight for freedom and democracy. The Australian government sponsored her family as Political Refugees.

Mrs Y knows firsthand the impact of Communism in Poland after the Second World War. As a citizen, she experienced the oppression and the introduction of Martial law with its suppression of core freedoms. Freedom of thought and speech, education, and religion were crimes against the state.

Her experience is chilling. The communist way of life not only led to children’s camps and mass brain washing but survival itself. Food, clothing and other essential items were rationed according to a coupon system. For example, a family was only permitted to consume 1.5kg of red meat per month. In winters of -20 degrees, Mrs Y recalls standing in long queues for up to 36 hours for the basics: milk, bread, and thinks like toilet paper.

All schools were government run and military conduct was part of the curriculum, even for 9 year olds. Mrs Y was threatened that if she went to church there would be severe consequences for her family. As a child, Mrs Y lived with fear for simply holding a Christian worldview. This wasn’t a phobia, but a realistic fear.

The Solidarity party and the Catholic Church stood strongly opposed to the tyranny of Communism and their stance was a catalyst to the introduction of Martial Law. 13 December 1981 brought Martial Law up close and personal with the forceful and violent removal of Mrs Y’s father from the family home. The Police militia also broke her mother’s spine and Mrs Y and her two siblings were left alone as children; abandoned, bruised and emotionally broken.

Mrs Y’s father was transported to a prison near the USSR border in Wlodawa and it was planned he and other Solidarity leaders would be transported to Siberia’s death camps. The nation was in a state of emergency and the army was deployed with full force of armoury: tanks, guns and tear gas grenades. A 7pm curfew was imposed and there were many arrests, beatings and mass killings. Citizens found walking the streets after the curfew would be shot dead on sight.

Mrs Y says that ‘by the grace of God and the charity of the Australian government, their family was welcomed to Australia.’ She is very grateful and loves Australia. Her parents worked hard putting her and her 2 siblings through university enabling them all to pursue careers. Her sister has a PHD in Chemistry and is a Pharmacist, her brother completed two degrees in mechanical engineering and computing and is currently employed in IT management. Mrs Y has a Diploma in Psychology and is a Registered Nurse. She is married with 3 children who all have a Catholic Primary School education. The family attend a Catholic Church in Cranbourne.

This is where life begins to go belly up once again but this time in increasingly socialist Victoria.

Having heard about the Safe Schools Program 2 years earlier, Mrs Y was concerned when her son went to Public High School this year, and she learnt the school curriculum included it. She made an appointment with the school for more information but in an hour-long appointment, Mrs Y wasn’t actually given any information about content and was dismissed with the assurance ‘it’s not what is advertised in the media.’ So, what is it then?

Mrs Y left the school knowing nothing more about the program, and she was cautioned and left frustrated. Ignorance is not always bliss and the result was that trust between school and parent had been breached. She wrote to the school advising she did not give permission for her son to participate in this program and did receive a reply assuring that her wishes would not be ignored. But Mrs Y was cautious about the type of education shaping her children’s worldview. She has witnessed firsthand the political grooming of children and is horrified at the prospect of sexual grooming. (That’s her way of expressing what she’s learnt about the program).

Mrs Y took to social media because she thought Australia was a free country and FaceBook (FB) an available platform in the public marketplace of ideas. She became a FB follower of Politicalpostingmumma (PPM) sharing evidenced based material she found there. She also shared her own research into the Safe Schools Program.

Despite holding what she considered to be intellectual, respectful and cautious conversations on this platform, after a few days she was logged out of her account by FB. Via Messenger, Mrs Y also received threats from Paul Fry who had introduced himself as a gay man. He said he’d made screen shots of her and other FB users posts, and was going to sue them all! She was also vulgarly mocked by Simon Hunt (aka Pauline Pantsdown), who had screen shot her comments and shared them with others.

Despite contacting FB for assistance, they didn't reply to Mrs Y and she learnt that PPM and others were also being logged out of their accounts by FB for their opinions and were receiving threats from gay activists. They were being bullied and silenced into conformity - an all too familiar socialist tactic.

Mrs Y created a new FB account and continued to actively support PPM and post her own findings making it clear she would vote No for same-sex marriage. A strong believer in public debate, Mrs Y felt free to post comments on FB with her concerns about same-sex marriage, the Safe Schools Program and show support for Pauline Hanson’s political statement in wearing the burka in to parliament. Stunt or statement – she thought it was up for debate and of public interest.

When Mrs Y heard an interview with ACL’s Lyle Shelton mentioning he is aware of other people being bullied by gay activists, she identified with this and confidently made a comment on the interview thread. About 10pm that night she saw a video clip from ABC’s Monday night Q & A program which used children as political instruments to actively push for gay marriage. Mrs Y was horrified, likening this to child abuse and exploitation. Here were 9-12-year-olds forming ‘The Children’s Party’ for ‘marriage equality.’

Familiar with the socialist tactic of indoctrinating children through formal education to be more aligned with state dictates than parents values, Mrs Y commented on FB asking whether parents knew about this and had given their consent for the children’s participation in a political party. Within 10 minutes she was again shut down by FB who are now asking her to prove her identity by providing her photo licence, passport, bills with details, school/ group magazine subscriptions, and bank statements.

No explanation was given for shutting her down or for why she should need to provide identification documents which are not required to set up a FB account.

As a fellow Australian, Mrs Y is a strong supporter of the Australian Constitution, the rights of citizens (including freedom of speech and expression of cultural and religious identity) and doesn’t understand why her voice is being silenced on issues related to public morality which impact her and her family. She is being bullied and harassed by the very community that claims itself to be bullied and harassed, sometimes even to suicide.

In her view, the same-sex marriage advocates in this public debate use aggressive bullying and vulgarity to silence the public. As in her communist past, Mrs Y asks ‘why this illusion? It seems to be already decided for us with manipulated information and bullying tactics.’ This is shattering the Australian ‘fair go’ many migrants and asylum seekers came for.

We could all ask, 'tell me why, they don't have a voice?'

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