Hot off the Press: Which Islam? Whose Islam? and other essays by Visiting US author Zuhdi Jasser

Dr Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, will be in Melbourne and Sydney engaging in those ‘hard to have’ public conversations with Muslim and Non-Muslim academics and community leaders 12-16 March 2019. Which Islam? Whose Islam? and other essays has been published in Australia and signed copies will be available at Melbourne and Sydney meetings. You can also purchase your copy here: 

Foreword by Vickie Janson: 

This collection of articles offer a snapshot of Muslim Reformist Dr Zuhdi Jasser preceding his March 2019 Islam + Islamism Tour in Australia. Jasser claims we need a ‘jihad against jihad’ to defend western secular democracy. Some will cry ‘alarmist’ and hotly contest the need for an American born Muslim to wage an ideological war within the House of Islam. But let’s face it; there are some alarming activities within the House, even in Australia.

At the Sydney 2007 Hizb ut- Tahrir conference I purchased a book called Democracy is a System of Kufr (infidel). This instructed Australian Muslims that it was forbidden to adopt, implement or call for democracy and in support of this, one lecture offered a three-point plan on how to overturn democracy and impose the Islamic State. The ideological struggle to alter public opinion was point 2 in this grand plan. It is this pre-cursor to violent Islamism, the non-violent ideological war, which Jasser maintains we must address head on as the root cause of terrorism. Non-violent dawah, the ideological mission and violent jihad, are two sides to the same coin. Whatever way that coin falls its heads up for global Islamists.

These pages challenge governments and ordinary citizens to stand on the side of all liberty minded people, Muslim and non-Muslim, and offer hope for a healthier free and democratic future for all.

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