George from Jindivick: From Small Town Farmer to Big Cheese (paperback)

George from Jindivick: From Small Town Farmer to Big Cheese (paperback)

Vickie Janson
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"George from Jindivick is a cracking yarn - complete with dynamite! Vickie Janson has cleverly constructed the narrative around the themes of George Ronalds' life. It is at times heartwarming, suspenseful and entertaining. The tale is as authentic and upbeat as the man himself. From the honest work of earthmoving and stump-blowing, to staking it all on a business venture, George's story reveals a boundless enthusiasm. His can-do attitude and spirit of adventure take him from the dairy paddocks of Jindivick to the world stage. Even more compelling than George's accomplishments is the depth of faith, the love of family and commitment to community that drives him. Follow in the gumboot prints of this generous and adventurous entrepreneur, and you'll want to live a little more fully yourself."
-Peter C.T. Wells, award-winning author

Vickie Janson is a Melbourne author and public speaker who has worked cross-culturally to address sensitive social, cultural and political issues. Vickie and her husband Michael also manage a small business in rural Victoria, with their son Nathan and daughter-in-law Phimchaya (Nam).

Paperback, 160 pages (also available in hardback)

Release Date: March 2019